Susan Weinstein

Susan  Weinstein 

Associate Professor

Bachelor's Degree(s): Pennsylvania State University
Master's Degree: University of Illinois at Chicago
PhD: University of Illinois at Chicago
Phone: (225) 578-7880


Office: Allen 43A




Sue Weinstein came to LSU in 2004 after completing her PhD in English at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently serves as Associate Chair of English and is the departmental advisor for the English secondary education concentration (Geaux Teach English). She teaches courses in English education, ethnographic research methods, literacy studies, social contexts of poetry, and hip-hop studies.

Professor Weinstein’s scholarship focuses on teenaged writers. She has been researching the field of youth spoken word poetry since 2006 and has published broadly on that work. She was awarded LSU’s Brij Mohan Distinguished Faculty Award for work related to social justice because of her ongoing work with Baton Rouge’s WordPlay Teen Writing Project. In addition, WordPlay awarded her its first annual Excellence in Service award in 2010. Currently, she sits on the board of directors of Forward Arts, the non-profit organization that houses WordPlay.

Prior to the PhD, Professor Weinstein taught high school English in Chicago, IL and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Area of Interest
English Education, literacy studies, ethnographic methodology, African American history and culture, hip-hop studies, American poetry in performance.

Awards & Honors
Economic Development Assistantship Award – 4-year doctoral student funding for Critical English Initiative, LSU Graduate School (tuition + $25,000/year stipend), 2015.

P.I., graduate student externship agreement with Iberville Parish Schools ($27,930), 2014.

Manship Summer Research Fellowship, LSU College of Arts and Sciences ($7,500), 2014.

P.I., graduate student externship agreement with Iberville Parish Schools ($111,720/school year), 2013.

Regents Research Grant teaching release, LSU Department of English, 2014.

LSU Service Learning Faculty Scholar, 2013.

Brij Mohan Distinguished Professor Award, LSU, 2011.

Excellence in Service Award, WordPlay Teen Writing Project, Baton Rouge, LA, 2011.

Regents Research Grant, LSU Department of English ($6,000), 2010.

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award, LSU English Graduate Student Association, 2007.

Manship Summer Research Fellowship, LSU College of Arts and Sciences ($5,000), 2007.

LSU Faculty Research Grant ($10,000), 2006.

LSU Council on Research Summer Stipend ($5,000), 2005.

Robert Corley Memorial Scholarship, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003.

Rue Bucher Memorial Scholarship, Interdepartmental award for qualitative research, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003.

Graduate Student Research Bonus in Memory of Bernard R. Kogan, Dept. of English, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003.

Anne Hopewell Selby Award for distinction in graduate studies in English, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2002.
Selected Publications


2009. Feel these words: Writing in the lives of urban youth. Buffalo, NY: State University of New York Press.


Journal Articles

2014. Who’s the teacher? What Tony Danza taught us about English education. English Education 46(4), pp. 300-326. Co-authored with Jacqueline Bach.

2012. Call and responsibility: Critical questions for youth spoken word poetry. Harvard Educational Review 12(2), pp. 282-302. Co-authored with Anna West.

2010. “A unified poet alliance”: The personal and social outcomes of youth spoken word poetry programming. International Journal of Education and the Arts 11(2), pp. 1-24.

2007. Pregnancy, pimps, and “clichéd love things”: Writing through gender and sexuality. Written Communication 24(1), pp. 28-48.

2006. A love for the thing: The pleasures of rap as a literate discourse. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 50(4), pp. 270-281.

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2005-2006. I shine with the rhythm: Rap writing, literate identity, and academic achievement. International Journal of Learning 12(3), pp. 143-147.

2005. Free style: The role of play in rap composition. Creative engagements: Thinking with children 31, pp. 103-106 (eBook). Oxford: Inter-disciplinary Press.

2002. The writing on the wall: Attending to self-motivated student literacies. English Education 35(1), pp. 21- 45.

 Book chapters

2013. “The points are kind of the point, but they’re not the point”: The role of poetry slam in youth spoken word. In Contest(ed) writing: Reconceptualizing literacy competitions, ed. Mary R. Lamb. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 168-188.

2007. Nas. Icons of hip-hop, pp. 341-363. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.