Richard Moreland

Rick  Moreland 


Bachelor's Degree(s): 1975, Harvard University
Master's Degree: 1979, Louisiana State University
PhD: 1987, University of California, Berkeley
Phone: (225) 578-3129
Fax: (225) 578-4129


Office: 229-C Allen Hall




Area of Interest

  1. American literature and culture
  2. Theories of cultural and social change
  3. Critical theory
  4. Modernism / modernity

Awards & Honors

  1. Department Chair, 2010-13
  2. Advisory Editor for Modern Fiction Studies since 1990
  3. Associate Chair, Dept. of English, 2008-09
  4. LSU Distinguished Faculty Award 2004
  5. LSU Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award, May 2002
  6. Director of Undergraduate Studies in English, 2003-2006
  7. Director of Graduate Studies in English 1995-1998
  8. English Graduate Students Association's Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award, 1996
  9. Leverhulme Commonwealth/USA Visiting Fellowship, 1991-1992, Department of American Studies, University of Wales at Swansea

Selected Publications


  1. Faulkner and Modernism: Rereading and Rewriting . Madison : University of Wisconsin Press, 1990.
  2. Learning from Difference: Teaching Morrison, Twain, Ellison, and Eliot . Columbus : Ohio State University Press, 1999.
  3. A Companion to William Faulkner . Ed. and introd. London: Blackwell, 2007

Selected Articles:

  1. “Faulkner's Continuing Education: From Self-Reflection to Embarrassment.” Faulkner at 100: Retrospect and Prospect. Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha 1997. Ed. Donald J. Kartiganer and Ann J. Abadie. Jackson : UP of Mississippi , 2000.
  2. "Contextualizing Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust: Sherlock Holmes, Chick Mallison, Decolonization, and Change." Faulkner Journal 12.2 (Spring 1997): 57-68. Reprinted in A Gathering of Evidence: Essays on William Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust. Ed. Michel Gresset and Patrick H. Samway, S. J. Philadelphia: St. Joseph 's UP, 2004.
  3. "Teaching Cross-Cultural Encounters and Student Writing with Question-Hypothesis-Questions (QHQs). "Teaching a "New Canon?": Students, Teachers and Texts in the College Literature Classroom . Ed. Bruce A. Goebel and James C. Hall. Urbana : National Council of Teachers of English, 1995. 131-47.
  4. "A Continuity in the Southern White Dilemma: Would Huck Finn Vote for David Duke?" Co-authored with Wayne Parent. Borderlines: Studies in American Culture 2.2 (1994): 113-31.
  5. "Faulkner and Modernism." Cambridge Companion to Faulkner Studies . Ed. Philip M. Weinstein. New York: Cambridge UP, 1994. 17-30. (Note: this essay is not a section of the book of this title listed above.)
  6. "'He Wants to Put His Story Next to Hers': Putting Twain's Story Next to Hers in Toni Morrison's Beloved ."Modern Fiction Studies 39.3&4 (Fall/Winter 1993): 501-25. Reprinted in Reading Toni Morrison: Critical and Theoretical Approaches , ed. Nancy J. Peterson. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins UP, 1997. 155-80. Revised for Learning from Difference: Teaching Morrison, Twain, Ellison, and Eliot (listed above).
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