Josef Horacek

Josef  Horáček 


Master's Degree: Univerzita J. E. Purkyně, Czech Republic
PhD: Emory University
Phone: 225-578-2866


Office: 229-G Allen Hall




Josef Horáček has taught as Instructor at LSU since 2010. He teaches English Composition (ENGL 1001 and ENGL 2000) and Introduction to Poetry (ENGL 2027) as well as other courses. He has been a core faculty member at the Global Connections Residential College since its inception in 2012 and will be teaching for the LSU in Germany program in the summer of 2015.

Horáček is currently working on a book manuscript in which he charts a genealogy of interventionist poetry translations from the beginning of the twentieth century onward. The poet-translators in this study adopt avant-garde experiments with collage, sound poetry, and concrete poetry to develop a variety of non-normative approaches to translation. As a result of these approaches, the translations become reflexive, allowing the reader to glimpse and interrogate the inner workings of the translation process.
Area of Interest

Twentieth-century American poetry, literary modernism and the avant-garde, translation studies

Awards & Honors

Harry Ransom Center Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, 2011

Translation Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts, 2009

Ideas for Creative Exploration Grant, University of Georgia (co-recipient with Jordan Dalton and Lara Glenum), 2009

Summer Research Travel Grant, Emory University, 2006

Arts and Sciences Fellowship, Emory University, 2005-2010

Graduate Fellowship, Emory University, 2005-2010

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

“Pedantry and Play: The Zukofsky Catullus.” Comparative Literature Studies 51.1 (2014): 106-31

“Total Performance: Jerome Rothenberg’s Ethnographic Translations.” Translation Studies 4.2 (2011): 166-82


Translations of Poetry from the Czech

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