Saundra  Granger




  • Systematics
  • Ichthyology
  • Evolution
  • Historical Biogeography
  • Fish



Bachelor's Degree(s): University of Houston
Master's Degree: University of Houston
PhD: Louisiana State University

My current research interests stem from my desire to understand fundamental aspects of biological diversity. These fundamental aspects include the relationships of organisms and their morphological complexity. I study these aspects using phylogenetic systematics, geometric morphometrics and other tools. These tools allow us to understand broader themes such as historical biogeography, molecular evolution, conservation and the evolution of morphological diversity. As an ichthyologist my focus is on process oriented evolutionary biology in marine fishes and pattern oriented evolutionary biology in freshwater fishes. As a systematist I use molecular and morphological tools to help discover relationships among species and resolve taxonomy in order to better understand the evolutionary history of fishes.


Tiger Athletic Foundation Freshman Teaching Award Nomination, 2010

Grand Silver Excellence Award to ITRC Program, 2006 (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators)

NASPA Gold Award for Excellence, Category 1, 2006

University Excellence in Teaching Award

George Deer Award

English Mentor Award

Developmental Educator of the Year Award

Curriculum Vitae




Multiple Presentations yearly for PR purposes demonstrating technology and the Smart Classroom in Broussard I.T. Residential College.

Multiple Programs for the ITRC community each semester

“Career Search Web Quest,” LSU Faculty Technology Share Fair, October 2009.