Kevin Cope

Kevin  Cope 


Bachelor's Degree(s): Pitzer College

Master's Degree: Harvard University

PhD: Harvard University

Phone: (225) 578-2864


Office: 210-J Allen Hall

Area of Interest

18th-century literature, intellectual history. 

Selected Publications


John Locke Revisited (forthcoming, 1999); Compendious Conversations: The Method of Dialogue in the Early Enlightenment, ed. (1992); Enlightening Allegory: Theory, Practice, and Contexts of Allegory in the Late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries , ed. (1991); Criteria of Certainty: Truth and Judgement in the English Enlightenment (1990). 


"Beckford and the Emerging Conscious," Studies in Voltaire and the Eighteenth-Century ; "Spinning Descartes into Blake: Spirals, Vortices, and the Dynamics of Deviation," Spiral Symmetry ; "Gothic Novel as Social Contract: Locke, Shaftesbury, and Walpole and the Casual Annexation of the Supernatural," The Age of Johnson (1990); "Conversations Containing Truth: Dialogues with Berkeley's Lying God," Man and Nature/L'Homme et la Nature (1990); "A Roman Commonwealth of Knowledge: Fragments of Belief and the Disbelieving Power of Didactic," Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (1990); 

Curriculum Vitae