Job Placement Support

Welcome to the LSU English Department’s Jobs Brigade!

Our program for graduate students on the job market is intensive, beginning in the spring and lasting through the year. The program is lead by Chris Rovee, the department’s job placement officer. We offer focused preparation for the job search process: how to find job advertisements, how to apply for jobs, and how to prepare each of the documents necessary for a successful search. In addition, the job search program coordinates with EGSA’s professionalization program to help all students—regardless of how far along you are—better understand and negotiate broad trends in higher education.


In the spring we hold a series of meetings dedicated to professional development. These include how-to sessions on writing a CV, delivering a successful conference presentation, and getting published.


In May, we have a general information meeting for anyone thinking about applying for jobs in the fall. Here we will answer questions, provide a timeline for the search process, and give recommendations on how best to prepare yourself during the summer. You can also hear the stories and experiences of job-search veterans.


In the fall, we meet as a group 5-6 times to workshop each of the documents you will need: a job letter, a CV, a dissertation abstract, and a teaching statement. These sessions offer a friendly atmosphere where you can get and give feedback among your fellow students. Late in the fall we schedule mock interviews in anticipation of the MLA convention. And should you be invited to a campus for a job talk, we will hold a mock job talk for you to practice your presentation and your question-and-answer skills in front of a live classroom audience.  


In recent years our graduate students have taken jobs at small colleges, community colleges, and regional universities in the South and across the country, and have won prestigious fellowships and postdoctoral positions.


If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rovee.


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