Fahima Ife

Fahima Ife

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

236-C Allen Hall


Fahima Ife is a creative writer who writes, researches, and teaches on themes of contemporary existence, connections, and playfulness. They are mostly interested in the present, in cultivating new ways of living amongst despair. Their award winning work seeks to artfully breakdown prevailing ideas of blackness, queerness, transness, metaphysics, poetry, ecologies, affect, language, teaching, and more. Fahima is currently writing their first book, Maroon Choreography, a cross-genre creative work on long-term grief, climate change, and disembodiment. Fahima is also busy at work on multiple solo and collaborative art projects—the creation of a new literary journal, an experimental multi-city sonic performance project, a photographic series, and a project on elemental connectivity in rural settings—that seek to provide interactive community-based conversations in national and international settings. At LSU, Fahima happily mentors graduate and undergraduate students whose writing and thinking reflects bold, original, and creative approaches to living in our contemporary more-than-human worlds.

Area(s) of Interest

Creative Writing, Black Studies, Poetry and Poetics, Performance and Performativity, Gender and Sexualities, English Education, and Qualitative Research.

Curriculum Vitae