AAAS Concentration - 33 Hours

In addition to 9 hours of core required courses, students must complete 24 hours from at least two divisions and three different departments. A minimum of 6 hours (2 classes) must focus on a geographical region outside of the U.S, 3 hours must be either Service-Learning or Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC). Only 12 hours from courses numbered below 3000-level may count toward degree. Required core (9 hours): AAAS 2000; either AAAS 3024 or AAAS 3044 (CxC); and AAAS 4020. 

Dept Course # Title 3000+? Non-US? History/Culture Politics/Society Lit, Lang, & Arts
AAAS 2050 Contemporary Africa   X   X  
AAAS 2410 Black Popular Culture     X   X
AAAS 2511 Race Relations       X  
AAAS 3024 African Diaspora Intellectual Thought X   X X  
AAAS 3044 Black Rhetorical Traditions X       X
AAAS 3120 Topics in History of Africa & the African Diaspora X X X    
AAAS 3122 Topics in Pre-Colonial Africa X X X    
AAAS 3341 African American English X       X
AAAS 3425 Black Women in America X     X  
AAAS 3901 Directed Readings & Research in African & African-American Studies X   X X X
AAAS 3902 Special Topics in African & African-American Studies X   X X X
AAAS 4322 Studies in African Literature X X      
AAAS 4323 Studies in Caribbean Literature X X     X
AAAS 4400 Religious Thought of Martin L. King & Malcom X X   X X  
ANTH  4050 Black Music in America X   X X  
ANTH 4051 Africa X X X    
ANTH 4053 African-American Culture X   X    
ANTH 4470 Folklore of the African Diaspora X   X    
ENGL 2674 Introduction to African-American Literature         X
ENGL 3674 Survey of African-American Literature X        
ENGL 4173 Studies in Southern Literature X       X
ENGL 4220 Black Drama and Theatre X       X
ENGL 4674 Studies in African-American Literature X       X
FREN 4064 Pidgin and Creole Languages X       X
FREN 4070 Literature of Africa and Caribbean X X X   X
HIST 2061 African-American History     X    
HIST 4055 Civil War X   X    
HIST 4067 African-American History to 1876 X   X    
HIST 4068 African-American History since 1876 X   X    
HIST 4072 The New South X   X    
HIST 4081 The Caribbean: 1492-1830 X X X    
HIST 4200 African-Americans in Louisiana X   X   X
LING 4716 Introduction to Sociolinguistics X       X
MUS 2000 History of Jazz         X
POL 4038 Blacks and the American Political System X     X  
POL 4039 Southern Politics X     X  
POL 4078 African Government and Politics X X X    
SOCL 2721 The City       X  
SOCL 4511 Minority Peoples in the United States X     X  
WGS 2900 Gender, Race, and Nation       X  
SPAN 4147 Afro-Latin American Cultures    X