Core Faculty

Lori L. Martin, Associate Professor, Sociology

Jas M. Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Stephen C. Finley, Director, Assistant Professor, Religion & Philosophy

Dari Green, Instructor, African and African American Studies

Affiliate Faculty

Austin Allen, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture

Troy Allen, Adjunct, African and African American Studies 

Michael Bibler, Associate Professor, English

Marvin Broome, Instructor, English

Cassandra Chaney, Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Gibril Cole, Assistant Professor, History

Femi Euba, Professor, English and Theater

Angeletta Gourdine, Associate Professor, English

Linda Smith Griffin, Associate Librarian

Fahima Ife, Assistant Professor, English Education 

Joyce Jackson, Professor, Geography & Anthropology

Herman Kelly, Adjunct, African and African American Studies

Isiah Lavender, Associate Professor, English

Roland Mitchell, Associate Professsor, Education

Solimar Otero, Associate Professor, English

T. Wayne Parent, Professor, Political Science

Helen Regis, Associate Professor, Geography & Anthropology

Pallavi Rastogi, Associate Professor, English

Kodi Roberts, Assistant Professor, History

Petra Robinson, Assistant Professor, Human Resource Education & Workforce Development

Dereck Rovaris, Vice Provost for Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer - See more at: 

Mark Schafer, Associate Professor, Sociology

Kenneth Fasching-Varner, Associate Professor, Education

Sunny Yang, Assistant Professor, English

Professor Emeritus

Thomas Durant Jr.