Interview Tips

The interview may be the most important part of the selection process. Should you be selected for an interview, the selection committee wants to discuss your qualifications in person. This is your chance to sell yourself; therefore, look and act your best to give yourself the best chance for getting the job. It is normal and natural to be nervous. 

Following these tips may help calm your nerves and increase your interviewing effectiveness.  

  • Plan to arrive early. Take into account time for traffic and parking. Be sure to know where you are interviewing (building name and room number) and where to park. 
  • Dress and act professionally. 
  • Bring an extra copy of your cover letter and resume. Some positions may request your transcripts at this time. 
  • Be confident. Talk about your strengths; make eye contact and let them know you are interested in the position. 
  • Know the position and LSU. Research the position and the person(s) interviewing you. Become familiar with LSU and  know what it means to work for LSU.
  • Practice. Write down questions you think may be asked and the answers. Verbally practice with family or friends. More practice = more confidence = less nerves. 
  • If you are interviewing with a search committee or group, write down each person’s name and where they are sitting at the beginning of the interview. Use their name often throughout the interview. Use their name when you are thanking them at the end of the interview.   
  • Prepare a list of questions. Some of those questions may be answered in your interview, but some may not. This is not  the time to talk about wage/salary. If it is not discussed, in most cases it is unprofessional to ask. 
  • Follow up. Ask what the next step is in the hiring process. When should you expect to hear something? A hand written thank you note is always a nice, final gesture.  

LSU Career Services offers resources in the section Interview Preparation that can help you in the process.