HRM Internship Program

HRM Internships

Learn About the HRM Internship Program!

The LSU Office of Human Resource Management seeks applicants for our 12-week internship program. We encourage third or fourth-year students with an interest in human resources to apply. As an intern, you will work closely with managers and seasoned professionals to support projects and processes that have a direct impact on LSU employees. 

What does our internship program offer?

  • Professional etiquette training and on-the-job training to help you succeed in your position
  • Direct coaching and feedback on your performance
  • Networking/mentoring opportunities
  • Job responsibilities catered to your desired skills
Term Internship Dates Application Deadline
Summer 2022 May 30 - August 5   April 11
Fall 2022 August 29 - December 2 April 11

What do you need to know about the position?

  • If selected, you will need to work 10-15 hours per week. Workdays and times are flexible.
  • The internships are unpaid; however, interns may qualify for LSU course credit (3 hours) contingent on their senior college’s approval. 
  • Work Study or President’s Aid is not a requirement. 

Training and Development Intern

As a member of the LSU HRM Training & Development team, you will contribute to the exciting effort to strengthen LSU’s talent for the challenges of tomorrow. You will work in varied areas of training and development, including needs assessments, design, development, and implementation of blended learning. 

Program Development Intern

As a Program Development Intern, you will ensure that the HRM internship program is relevant to our intern team. You will hold intern meetings, research professional development tactics, and brainstorm new ways to improve the program. This opportunity provides you experience in completing long-term and short-term projects. 

Talent Acquisition Intern

As a member of the LSU HRM Talent Acquisition team, you will recruit top talent at LSU to support research and teaching initiatives, bridge the diversity gap, foster modern expertise and ideas, and support the overall hiring process that reinforces LSU as one of the largest employers in the state.

Employee Relations Intern

As a member of the LSU HRM Employee Relations team, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the Employee Assistance Program, performance management, and the exit interview process. This position provides you career-applicable experience in common employee relations policies and procedures. 

About LSU’s Office of Human Resource Management  

Mission Statement 

We provide leading human resource services for the flagship university to attract, develop, and retain an exceptional and diverse workforce and to strategically support the university’s mission of fostering excellence in the LSU community.  

Vision Statement 

We aspire to be a regional and national model of human resources and an employer of choice through strategic partnerships as well as the development of an engaged and talented workforce.  

Guiding Principles 

We value a commitment to the following five principles: 

  • Integrity: We strive to be a model of mutual respect, honesty, and consistency. Equally important is the need to provide and maintain accurate data and quality services. Therefore, we are committed to act in accordance with our professional standards to be dependable, ethical, and to provide responsible stewardship of university resources while maintaining confidentiality.  
  • Collaboration: We value partnerships across the LSU community and believe that open communication and teamwork fosters engagement, innovation, and overall success.
  • Transparency: We encourage open and honest two-way communication. We believe that encouraging transparency will build trust and lead to increased levels of employee engagement and retention.  
  • Customer Service: We strive for excellence in customer service by being solutions-oriented, resourceful, responsive, and innovative in serving our stakeholders.  
  • Inclusion: We value all individuals, and our ability to reach our full potential as a team and best serve our constituents is dependent on the extent to which we foster a culture of inclusion. Therefore, we are committed to promoting fair and respectful treatment of all individuals as well as providing equitable access to opportunities and resources to achieve organizational success.  

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