Training Classes

There are many on-campus development opportunities available that are no cost to LSU employees. A full list of professional and workplace development course descriptions can be found on this page. 

To register for HRM Training Programs:

  1. Log in to myLSU*
  2. Click on Employee Resources
  3. Click on Training and Development
  4. Click the "Training and Event Registration" button.
  5. Find the course title and click "View Classes"
  6. Click the date you would like to sign up for
  7. Click Register

*You will immediately receive an email confirmation of the registered course.  

 HPC Training

HPC@LSU offers High Performance Computing training to LSU and LONI users. Courses are available on MPI, OpenMP, and other true parallel programming topics. Please visit HPC Training for more information.

Faculty Technology Center

The Faculty Technology Center (FTC) provides IT support, consultations, and innovative solutions to faculty and graduate teaching assistants tailored to their individual teaching, research, and operational needs.

Wealth Building Series

Welcome to the Wealth Building Series, brought to you by LSU Human Resource Management and Don Chance. This series has five sections for you to navigate though, with topics like: Understanding Wealth Building Basics, Definitions to Get You Started, Resources Within Your Reach, Answering Your Most Common Financial Questions, and Resources to Further Your Investment Literacy. 


Campus Federal Credit Union offers MoneyCoach, a personalized financial action plan to help you pay down your debt, improve your credit score, take your dream vacation, get set for retirement, and many other financial goals. Contact Campus Federal Credit Union to learn more!

Financial Education Series

Now more than ever, it is imperative to take charge of your financial well-being and create a fiscal plan for your future. The Office of Human Resource Management, in partnership with Campus Federal Credit Union, invites LSU faculty and staff to join us for a monthly Lunch & Learn. The one-hour sessions beginning at 12pm, will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, via Zoom. The Financial Education series will explore topics such as, understanding how to transform your financial health, setting up a strong financial foundation, understanding your credit score and much more! Space is limited to 100 participants, so be sure to register for each session down below.

  • Bank On It – Learn the difference between a Bank, Credit Union, and Check Cashing services along with other financial terms to help you navigate your hard earned dollars! Learn how to build a relationship with a trusted financial institution, recognize the major types of insured financial institutions and identify types of Accounts. Access the recording for class 1.

  • Check It Out – Discover the benefits of using a financial institution rather than check cashing, writing checks, balance account and keeping records. Learn about the types of checking accounts and what to look for when opening for a checking account. Find out how to set up a better financial future for yourself and your loved ones. Access the recording for class 2.

  • Money Matters – Learn the concept and benefits of how to create a budget that works for you! Discuss the importance of needs and wants within your budget. Understand your pay check and where your money is going in terms of taxes, Social Security, etc. Access the recording for class 3.

  • Pay Yourself First – Understand why saving is important, how to spend wise, using automatic deduction and how saving leads to financial well-being. Get to your savings goals faster by spending wise and using automatic deduction. Access the recording for class 4.

  • Borrowing Basics – Answering your credit questions: What is credit? When and How to do you use credit? Why is it important?  Understanding the answers to these questions can save you money! Access the recording for class 5.

  • To Your Credit – Learn about your credit report and the best way to build credit! Answering questions like: How do you use your credit report/credit score? What is the difference between good and bad credit? Access the recording for class 6.

  • Charge It Right – Understanding credit cards as a whole, including the different types of credit cards, terms and disclosures of the agreement. Be able to identify what is a credit card, cost, benefits as well as dangers. Access the recording for class 7.

  • Loan to Own – Do you find loans confusing? What about credit? This class will cover the differences between consumer installment loans, fixed loans, variable loans, and secured loans. Additionally, we will go over APR, the three C’s of credit and understanding your credit report. Access the recording for class 8.

  • Your Own Home – Become familiar with the process for getting home ownership financing.  You will know the benefits and pitfalls of renting versus owning a home, how to determine your readiness to buy a home and the different mortgage programs including basic terms used in the mortgage process. Access recording for class 9.

The Employee Development Center is a partnership between LSU and the EBR School System. This is an adult education center that is open to public and LSU employees. The Employee Development Center provides services for all adults, 17 years or older, wanting to improve their educational skills. Whatever the reason, this center can help you achieve your goals.