Crisis Leave

The Crisis Leave Program is a means of providing paid leave to an eligible employee who has experienced a catastrophic illness or injury to themselves or eligible family member. The intent of the program is to assist employees who, through no fault of their own, have insufficient paid leave to cover the crisis leave period. 

Eligibility requirements

An eligible employee may apply to receive crisis leave if the following requirements are met:

  •  The employee or employee's eligible family member suffers from a catastrophic illness or injury; and
  • The employee has exhausted all appropriate leave in accordance with this policy; and
  • The employee has exhibited satisfactory attendance (with no history of leave abuse), and is not absent from work due to disciplinary reasons; and
  • The catastrophic injury or illness is not occupationally related (therefore making that employee eligible for workers' compensation) or was not attained in the commission of an assault or felony; and
  • The appropriate documentation from a LMSP is provided to the Leave Pool Manager.

How to apply for Crisis Leave

An employee should submit the crisis leave request form along with a copy of the employee's Certification of Physician or Practitioner (FMLA-1) form to HRM.

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