Process Used When Entering Intermittent FMLA 

  1. Go to Actions→Select: Time and Leave→ Select: Enter Time Off (a calendar will appear)
  2. Select the days off on the calendar for FMLA intermittent
  3. Click on the green “Submit” tab at the bottom of the page
  4. visual represenation of step 1. Workday calendar.

  5. Select the type (this should only be an Intermittent FMLA Qualifying Health Condition type) →Enter the Daily Quantity (of leave that you are taking)
  6. Click on the green “Submit” tab at the bottom of the page NOTE:  If you select more leave than you have available in the leave balance, you will receive an error.
  7. Visual representation of step 4

  8. Once you complete the intermittent leave taken, you will return to the Enter Time Off calendar


Note: For new intermittent FMLA time off requests, managers should use the Add Approvers option for routing to an Employee Relations Partner for approval to use intermittent FMLA time off. This is the first occurrence of FMLA in an entitlement year. After your first intermittent request has been approved by an Employee Relations Partner, no other request will require approval by an Employee Relations Partner (during your entitlement period).

If the employee is unable to enter time their time off or Place Worker on Leave themselves, a timekeeper or their manager must complete the steps for them

If the employee is currently grant funded, the supervisor must contact Sponsored Programs Accounting.