Tuition Exemption


  • Full-time employees (including faculty), and
  • Full-time (100% effort) for at least one year, and
  • Approval from immediate supervisor and department head

Revisions to PM-12: Educational Privileges, Educational Leave, and Sabbatical Leave


  • Provided for both undergraduate and graduate programs with the exception of LSUonline, DVM program, Executive MBA program, Certifications, and other higher cost self-supporting programs.
  • May register for job-related courses or courses being used in pursuit of a degree for up to 6 college credit hours per regular semester.
  • May register for job-related courses or courses being used in pursuit of a degree for up to 3 college credit hours for the summer semester.
  • Up to 3 clock hours per week per semester may be taken during work time without charge to leave time, if approved by supervisor. If more than 3 hours are during work hours, annual leave must be used along with supervisor approval.
  • Exemption can be declined if employee receives two consecutive semesters with below C grades. The next semester must be C’s or higher to regain exemption.
  • For details on per credit hour fees, please contact the Registrar Office 225-578-1686. 


  • All hours as described above are exempt from payment.
  • Fees are not exempt (reimbursable) under this program. Employees are still subject to pay all fees associated with the courses they are enrolled.
  • Fees can be paid via payroll deduction (over the course of the semester) or deferred payment (2 payments). This is done through your myLSU account, under “Registration Services” and then “Defer pymt/Payr Deduct.” 

Instructions for Automated Tuition Exemption Request

  1. Once logged into your myLSU account, you can initiate the exemption request by first clicking on “Employee Resources” and then the “Tuition Exemption Request” link.
  2. The “Employee Information” section will automatically be populated with your information, but you will need to complete all relevant course-related information in the “Class Information” section. Once complete, click “Continue.”  
    1. If you have not met the minimum eligibility requirements, you may either withdraw the exemption request, or you will be given the opportunity to request an exception to the eligibility requirements. If you have not met the eligibility requirements, the system will automatically inform you why you are not eligible.  
    2. An example of a rare exception is a when a department has adjusted an employee’s work schedule (less than 100% effort) to accommodate for the disability.
  3. The next screen will have your class schedule automatically loaded.  However, you must select your supervisor and department chair’s name from the drop-down menu.  If all information is correct, the employee should click “Submit to Supervisor.”  An automated e-mail notifies the employee’s supervisor of the request.  
    1. If your immediate supervisor’s name is not in the drop-down menu, you should check the box that says “If your supervisor does not exist or the supervisor choice(s) are incorrect, please check” and contact your department’s HR Contact to have them assign a supervisor for you on HRS.
    2. If your class schedule requires you to miss more than 3 hours of work per week, you must indicate in the box at the bottom of the screen. You will either submit a modified work schedule or a statement indicating that you will use annual leave to cover any time in excess of the weekly 3 hour allotment.  
  4. Once the supervisor approves the request, the department chair receives an automated e-mail notification.  She/he will review and approve the request.  Upon approval, HRM will receive the request and processes the completed tuition exemption request. 

Important Facts about the Automated Tuition Exemption Process