Vision Insurance

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Monthly Premiums

Level of Coverage Premium 12 month employee Premium 9 month employee
Employee Only $7.39 $9.85
Employee + Spouse $12.45 $16.60
Employee + Children $12.72 $16.96
Family $20.50 $27.33


In-Network Benefits at a Glance

Benefit Frequency Price
Comprehensive Eye Exam Every 12 months No co-pay
Pair of eyeglass lenses Every 12 months No co-pay
Single vision, lined, bi-focal, lined tri-focal or lined lenticular lenses, Standard and Deluxe Progressive and Oversized Lenses Every 12 months No co-pay
Standard scratch coating, Solid and Gradient Tint, ultraviolet Glass and Plastic Coating Covered in full Covered in full
Frames Every 12 months $130 allowance
Lens Options See benefit summary for details
Covered selection of Contact Lenses (lens fitting included) Every 12 months No co-pay
Up to 4 boxes

Elective Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses that fall outside the covered selection (Co-pay does not apply)

Every 12 months $130 allowance

Additional Materials

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Additional Member Benefits

Member Resources at

  • 24 hour benefit access
  • Provider locator & FAQs
  • Eye care & eye health information 

If you wish to nominate a particular ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician as a Vision Network Provider, click here to access the Provider Nomination Form.


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Manage (Add/Remove) Dependents

*Vision Insurance and Dependents can only be changed during Annual Enrollment or due to a qualifying event.

List of Qualifying Events

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