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Regular eye examinations can not only determine your need for corrective eyewear but also may detect general health problems in their earliest stages. LSU partners with UnitedHealthcare to provide you and your family with valuable vision insurance at affordable rates. The Vision plan meets the needs of you and your family by including coverage for exams, lenses, frames, and contacts. Access the care your family needs through UnitedHealthcare’s network.

Vision In-Network Out-of-Network
Eye Exam - once every 12 months


$40 allowance
Lenses - Once Every 12 Months In-Network Out-of-Network
Single Vision Included $25 allowance
Bifocal  Included $40 allowance
Trifocal Included $50 allowance




$150 Copay

$50 allowance (for both Standard and Premium)
Materials - Once Every 12 Months In-Network Out-of-Network

Contact Lenses

Medically Necessary

Fit and Follow-Up

Formulary: 4 Boxes
Non-Formulary: $130 allowance


Formulary: Included
Non-Formulary: Applies to allowance

$130 allowance for all



Frames $130 allowance + 30% Off $130 allowance 

Monthly Premiums

Level of Coverage Premium 12 month employee Premium 9 month employee
Employee Only $7.39 $9.85
Employee + Spouse $12.45 $16.60
Employee + Children $12.72 $16.96
Family $20.50 $27.33

Additional Benefits

As a UnitedHealthcare vision plan member, you have access to discounts on laser vision correction from the Laser Vision Network of America (LVNA). This large network includes more than 550 laser vision correction locations. For more information, please see this flyer

As a UnitedHealthcare vision plan member, you can save on high-quality hearing aids when you buy them from HiHealthInnovationsTM. Hearing aids from HiHealthInnovations use advanced technology to help you hear and understand speech better. For more information, please see this flyer


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Vision Insurance and Dependents can only be changed during Annual Enrollment or due to a qualifying event.

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