Accident Protection

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Accident Protection Premiums

Coverage Monthly Premium
Employee Only $9.15
Employee + Spouse $13.60
Employee + Child(ren) $12.36
Family $16.81


Plan Benefits

24 Hour Coverage/On and Off-the-Job Coverage 

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Initial Care Hospital Admission
Both hands or feet or combination
One hand or foot
Two or more fingers or toes or combination
Oe finger or toe Child benefit – 50% of employee/spouse
Ground Ambulance $200   $800
Air Ambulance $1,200 Hospital Inpatient Stay
(per day up to 365 days)
Emergency Room Treatment $100 Hospital Intensive Care
Unit (ICU) Admission
Accidental Death Common Carrier
(while on public transportation)
Child benefit – 50% of employee/spouse
$80,000 Physician Office Urgent Care (per visit)
Hospital ICU Inpatient Stay
(per day up to 30 days)
Waiver Premium Yes

Enhanced Benefits

Follow Up Care

Enhanced Benefit Coverage (sample of benefits included) Scheduled Benefit
Major Diagnostic Care $160
Follow up Physician Visit $40
Medical Appliances (equipment) $140
Physical Therapy (per day up to six days) $30


  • One device
  • Two or more devices
  • $500
  • $1,000

Rehabilitation Unit (per day up to 30 days)



Common Injuries

See Summary of Benefits for complete list.

Enhanced Benefit Coverage Scheduled Benefit

Abdominal/Thoracic (abdomen/chest) Surgery

  • Surgery to repair
  • Exploratory without repair
  • $1,000
  • $100
Blood/Plasma/Platelets $280


  • 2nd Degree (at least 36% of body surface)
  • 3rd Degree (9-34 sq. inches)
  • 3rd Degree (35 or more sq. inches)

Skin Graft - 25% of burn benefit

  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $8,000



Concussion (once per 12 month period)


Dental Emergency

Broken teeth repaired with crown(s)
Broken teeth resulting in extractions



Eye Surgery


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UnitedHealthcare Customer Service: 1-888-299-2070

Policy #303972

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Change benefits

Manage (Add/Remove) Dependents

*Accident Protection Insurance and Dependents can only be changed during Annual Enrollment or due to a Qualifying Event.

List of Qualifying Events

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