Dependent Coverage

An eligible dependent is defined as:

  • The covered Employee’s legal spouse;
  • A Child from date of birth up to 26 years of age;
  • A Child of any ages who meets the criteria for “Over-Age Dependents” in the entitled “Over-Dependents” listed below.
  • An eligible Dependent during the year if a court orders the Employee to cover an eligible Dependent (e.g., a QMCSO). Coverage will take effect the first day of the month following the date of receipt by your Employer of all required forms prior to the 15th of the month, or the first day of the second month following the date of receipt by your Employer of all required forms on or after the 15th of the month.

Adding New Dependents

To add newly eligible dependents acquired through marriage, birth, or adoption, please follow Manage Dependents Workday Job Aid, then Change Benefit Job Aid. Coverage will be effective the date of the event.

Important Note: Newborns are not automatically added to your policy. You must add the newborn as a dependent then change benefit plan(s), if applicable, in order to effectively add them to your coverage. 

Acceptable Documentation

Spouse: An original or certified copy of marriage license indicating date and place of marriage.

Child under the age of 26: For natural or a legally adopted child of a plan member, provide a certified copy of birth certificate which lists the Plan Member as parent, or a certified copy of a legal acknowledgment of paternity signed by Plan Member, or certified copy of adoption decree naming Plan Member as adoptive parent.  

Stepchild: A certified copy of a marriage license for the spouse and a birth certificate listing that spouse as natural or adoptive parent.   

Child placed with your family for adoption by agency or irrevocable act of surrender for private adoption: Certified copy of adoption placement order showing date of placement, or copy of signed and dated irrevocable act of surrender.   

Child for whom the Plan Member has been granted legal custody: A certified copy of signed legal judgment granting legal guardianship or custody.    

*Over-age Dependents: If a dependent child is incapable (and became incapable prior to attainment of age 26) of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental retardation or physical incapacity, and is dependent upon the covered Employee for support, the coverage for the Dependent Child may be continued for the duration of incapacity.

  • Prior to the Dependent Child reaching age 26, an application for continued coverage with current medical information from the Dependent Child’s attending Physician must be submitted to the Plan Administrator to establish eligibility for continued coverage as set forth above. The Plan Administrator, in its discretion, may consider applications and attending Physician’s information submitted after the Child reaches age 26, if the application and information indicate that the Child’s incapacity was present prior to the Child reaching age 26, but was not apparent or diagnosed until after the Child reached age 26.
  • Upon receipt of the application for continued coverage, the Plan Administrator may require additional medical documentation regarding the Dependent’s Child as often as he may deem necessary thereafter.

Deleting Dependents*

In order to edit/delete a dependent, please please follow Manage Dependents Workday Job Aid, then Change Benefit Job Aid, if applicable, within 30 days for any of the following events:

  • Divorced spouse
  • Over age (26) child(ren)
  • Deceased spouse or child