LSU Leave Certification Requirement


La R.S. Title 17:3311 (A)(3) require that any Academic, Research Associate and Professional employees, who earn leave must certify their leave on a monthly basis. 

*Classified employees are exempt. For the Annual Performance Evaluation requirement, Classified managers should type N/A in the Accomplishment text box.

Each month, employees in these employment categories receive an email to respond to the requirements of the Leave Policy by certifying their attendance. The email is sent from with the subject: LSU Leave Certification Required. In order to certify attendance, employees must log into myLSU, expand the Employee Resources section and click on “Workday Leave Certification.” For any employee that has not certified past payroll cycles (prior to Workday), they will have an additional link titled “Prior to 7/1/2016 – Leave Certification.”

If all leave has been certified, the Workday Leave Certification will state “There are no pending items.”

Please Note: Leave Certification and Effort Certification are two separate requirements. Effort Certification reflects actual effort expended in the various categories (salary charges to a sponsored project) during the report period. Leave Certification requires personnel to certify that they were either present or absent from their usual duty posts during the usual working day.