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Cyber identity theft, credit fraud, and breaches happen daily, and let’s face it – we live in a digitalized world where anyone, anywhere can be a victim. Just as new standards and technologies are introduced to thwart malicious behavior, so are new methods for criminals to steal your identity. This is the reality. Your identity should belong only to you, and you alone. LSU has partnered with the trusted and award-winning identity protection services from IdentityForce. Delivering comprehensive identity protection by continuously monitoring your personal information, IdentityForce provides robust credit protection, quickly alerts you to threats and covers you with a $1 million identity theft insurance policy. And, for full-time employees, child(ren) up to age 26 are covered at no cost under ChildWatch.

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There are two Identity Theft Protection plans to choose from: UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit.

Premium Rates

Monthly Premiums (12 month employee) 

Coverage Plan UltraSecure UltraSecure + Credit
Employee Only $9.96 $16.96
Employee + Spouse $19.92 $33.92
Employee + Child(ren) $9.96 $16.96
Employee + Family $19.92 $33.92


Monthly Premiums (9 month employee)

Coverage Plan  UltraSecure UltraSecure + Credit 
Employee Only $13.28 $22.61
Employee + Spouse  $26.56 $45.23
Employee + Child(ren) $13.28 $22.61
Employee + Family  $26.56 $45.23


UltraSecure monitors your personal information 24/7, alerts you if it is compromised, and is backed with $1 million identity theft insurance.

UltraSecure+Credit provides all the benefits of UltraSecure, plus 3-bureau credit monitoring, scores, reports, credit score simulator, and more.

You can enroll or cancel this benefit at any time.


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