Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selection of Candidates

The Guide to Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection provides answers to common questions regarding recruitment and selection. It also includes suggestions to assist in recruiting, interviewing and selecting the best applicant for a position. Contents include analyzing and advertising the position, appointing a search committee, screening application, interviewing the finalist, making the offer, documenting the hiring decision, and more.

Search Committee Fundamentals

In this training, we will review the goals of the search committee and the individual member roles to achieving a successful faculty or staff search.

The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process Reference Sheet is a guide developed to assist the HR Contact in the hiring process. The guide provides steps and how-to information from filling the vacancy to filling the position.

Sample Interview Questions

Interview questions for employment should be developed to allow candidates to demonstrate their ability to meet the established selection criteria for the position. At LSU, we encourage the usage of "behavior based questions." Here are examples of interview questions, including some behavior based questions. Please contact the talent acquisition team for further assistance. 

Sample Offer Letters

Sample Academic Administrator Offer Letter
Sample Academic Offer Letter
Sample Professional Offer Letter
Sample Federal Grant Offer Letter