Overtime Policy

Overtime Policy

PS-61, Revision: PS0061.R02, Effective: November 29, 2004

Excerpt from PS-61: 

To establish a policy on overtime for LSU employees within the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Civil Service rules, and other pertinent laws and regulations.


A standard workweek for LSU is 40 hours and runs from Saturday 12:01 a.m.- Friday midnight. Overtime begins once an employee exceeds 40 hours worked during that workweek. However, only hours actually worked count toward the base 40 hour workweek for overtime computation. This means that for holidays or leave taken in the workweek, the employee will not be eligible for the premium rate (1.5) until they have actually worked 40 hours. Overtime compensation may be paid or compensatory time may be awarded for hours worked over 40 hours in a work week.

Classified employees exempt from the FLSA earn overtime (paid or compensatory time) on an hour for hour basis (paid: regular hourly rate times the number of overtime hours; or compensatory time: number of overtime hours). Non-exempt employees covered by FLSA earn overtime (paid or compensatory time) at a time and one half rate (paid: regular hourly rate X 1.5 X the number of overtime hours; or compensatory time: 1.5 X the number of overtime hours).


The term ‘exempt’ is used to categorize employees performing certain types of work for which the federal law requiring overtime does not apply. Employers are not required to provide any compensation to exempt employees for overtime, but have the option to do so. An exempt job must fit in one of three FLSA categories: executive, administrative, or professional. The Compensation Section of Human Resource Management (HRM) makes the determination concerning the exempt status of jobs according to FLSA guidelines.


Non-exempt is used in the FSLA for employees performing work which cannot be categorized as executive, administrative or professional. Employees in jobs such as skilled technicians, custodians, office clerical workers, and food service workers are typically ‘non-exempt’ and therefore, are covered by the FSLA. Employers are required to compensate non-exempt employees for overtime at a rate of time and one-half.

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