Social Security

According to state and federal laws, as an employee of the LSU System, employees must participate in a retirement plan. If the appointment is considered temporary or part-time for retirement purposes, the employee will automatically be enrolled into Social Security.

  • Employee is automatically defaulted into this plan
  • Employee contributes 6.2% of salary
  • LSU contributes 6.2% on employee’s behalf
  • Employees will receive a benefit once social security age is met

Social Security is the nation’s basic method of providing a continuing income when family earnings are reduced or stopped because of retirement, disability, or death.

Technically, employees do not become vested in Social Security. They are only eligible to receive Social Security benefits once they meet Normal Social Security Retirement Age and have contributed a minimum of 40 quarters into Social Security. For more information, please call Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

Note: Contribute for at least two years and are a full-time employee: Once an employee has contributed to Social Security for two years with the LSU System, they will be defaulted into The Teacher’s Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) defined benefit plan and have the option to change to the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). However, if the employee is part-time upon continuation, participate in Social Security is required. Once the appointment becomes full-time, the employee will be defaulted into TRSL with the option to change to the ORP.