Tuition Exemption


  • Full-time (100-percent effort) employees (including faculty),
  • Full-time (100-percent effort) for at least one year, and
  • Approval from immediate supervisor and department head


  • Provided for both undergraduate and graduate programs with the exception of online degree programs, Vet Med program, MBA program and other higher cost programs.
  • May register for job-related courses for up to six college credit hours per fall and spring semester.
  • May register for job-related courses for up to three college credit hours for summer semester.
  • Up to three clock hours per week per semester may be taken during work time without charge to leave time, if approved by supervisor. If more than three hours are during work hours, annual leave must be used along with supervisor approval.
  • To assist immediate supervisors and department heads in determining “job relatedness,” the following points are useful guidelines:
    • If the course would be beneficial to the employee in performing the functions outlined in his/her position description, it may be approved.
    • If the course would be beneficial to the employee to advance to the next higher position to which he/she might logically aspire to within the unit, it may be approved.
    • If the course is required for a degree program being pursued for the reasons stated in points one and two above, the course may be approved.  
  • Exemption can be declined if employee receives two consecutive semesters with below C grades. The next semester must be C’s or higher to regain exemption.


  • All hours as described above are exempt from payment.
  • Technology fees and Academic Excellence fees are not exempt (reimbursable) under this program. Employees are still subject to pay all fees associated with the courses they are enrolled.
  • Fees can be paid via payroll deduction (over the course of the semester) or deferred payment (two payments). This is done through the myLSU account, under “Registration Services” and then “Defer pymt/Payr Deduct.”