Homecoming Court Campaign Rules | LSU Homecoming

Homecoming Court Campaigning Rules

  • Verbal campaigning only.
    • For example, students are allowed to stand in front of their peers and ask for their votes at sporting events, religious gatherings, or organizational meetings.
  • No printed or produced material of any kind. This includes, but not limited to: banners, flags, buttons, flyers, posters, 4ups/handbills, videos (Vine or another media), etc.
  • Social media promotions are allowed within the following guidelines:
    • The Homecoming Committee will provide candidates a picture with your name on it that you and your campaigners (organizations you are involved in, friends/family, colleagues, associates) may post to social media;
    • This will be the only photo you will be allowed to post about campaigning;
    • No other text/promotions are allowed. You may add a caption to your photo, but no additional form of text campaign.
    • There is no limit on the number of times you and your campaigners can post the photo on social media.
    • Links in social media posts need to take users to the website listing all members of the Homecoming Court (link will be provided).
  • Students may not purchase anything for advertising/marketing purposes on social media.
  • Students may not purchase candy or other materials to be handed out during your verbal campaigning.
  • Students may not create a page or special interest group on social media to add to your campaign.