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Botanical Art Presentation and Workshop

Mindfulness, Creativity & Growth through Artful Gardening


Featuring: Jeanne and Stephen Luna with Luna Botanicals

Date: November 11, 2018

Time: 2:00-3:45 PM

Cost: Members $40, Non-Members $50

Program Schedule

Presentation: 30 minutes

Demonstration: 15 minutes

Workshop: 45 minutes

Q & A: 15 minutes


Botanicals and creativity go hand in hand! Bringing life into the outdoor and indoor spaces in which we live breathes joy into our lives. Botanical art can be created from anything that comes from nature, which is the ultimate palette to work with. Designing with a living medium establishes a connection between plants and people during the creative process and into the future as nurturing is needed. Jeanne and Stephen will discuss their ideas for growing "gardens in the sky" in New Orleans and beyond, and the opportunities for botanical art expression in everyday life. You will learn about living walls, biomimicry, kokedama ("moss-ball" in Japanese), mounting tropical plants and floating tillandsias that all make for living art that is as compelling as it is thriving. Focusing on the wellness and healing aspects of connecting with nature, while utilizing the inspiration that nature brings forth, we can create spaces that give us a sense of genuine vitality.

Demonstration and Workshop

Jeanne and Stephen will demonstrate techniques they use at Luna Botanicals to create one of a kind pieces of botanical art. After their demonstration you will choose from a collection of plants including blooming orchids, wild bromeliads or structural staghorn ferns to create your own original art piece on reclaimed wood from the Mississippi River batture. You will leave the workshop inspired and with the horticultural knowledge needed to nurture your living art for years to come.

Guest Speakers and Luna Botanicals

Jeanne and Stephen Luna, both natives of Louisiana, are biophilic artists and owners of Luna Botanicals on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. What is a biophilic artist? A biophilic artist incorporates natural materials, nature light, vegetation, nature views and other expressions of the natural world into the built environment. Luna Botanicals grew out of their shared respect for the healing and meditative power of nature, and a passion for incorporating that serenity into everyday life. Immersion in nature is not only a focal point of Luna designs, but it is key to the continued inspiration and growth of the Luna lifestyle.

attendees working with orchidsattendees working with staghorn ferns


Workshop Details

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