2020 Seed Planting

2020 Wildflower Seed Planting


buckets of wildflower seedsHilltop’s Cajun Prairie inspired meadow was bush hogged on December 11, 2020.  The following week 125 lbs. of wildflower seeds were dispersed by 21 masked-up volunteers across four meadow quadrants.  A seed planting plan was drawn to guide the distribution of seeds.

Al Delaney and Bruce Raff strung out caution tape to divide each of the four meadow quadrants into four equal parts, total area of 3-acres.  Linda Medine photographed the seed planting. We tossed out four, five-gallon buckets of wildflower seed mix in each quadrant.  Other, select wildflower seeds were placed along the edges of each quadrant to form drifts of plants at various heights and color combinations. In all, 20 different wildflowers were selected for the planting. You can expect to see a spectacular display of native annual and perennial flowers in the spring, summer, and fall of 2021. We will track the germination rate and growth performance of the seeds throughout the coming year.

The seed palette was recommended by Dr. Charles Allen, the foremost expert on the Cajun Prairie in Louisiana.  The Meadow Keepers, student volunteers from LSU, collected some of the seeds at Allen Acres and the Anacoco Prairie at Fort Polk.  LADOTD donated 70 lbs. of seeds that were grown at their wildflower farm in Cade, Louisiana.  The remaining seeds were purchased from the American Native Seed Company in Junction, Texas.

Hilltop’s 2020 wildflower seed palette includes: Plains Coreopsis, Indian Blanket, Purple Coneflower, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Clasping Coneflower, Black-Eyed Susan, American Basket Flower, Lemon Beebalm, Swamp Sunflowers, Purple Prairie Clover, White Prairie Clover, Yellow Puffs, Pitcher Sage, Bergamot, Scarlet Sage, Drummond Phlox, Missouriensis Coneflower, Holy Basil, Flamingo Feather Celosia and Mexican Sunflower.

Thank you to our seed-tossing volunteers!

seed planting volunteer groupStanding: Al Delaney, Xiangzhou Xu , Daniel Cooke, Colin Nelson, Bruce Raff, Ory Marrioneaux, Terry Rehn, Chris Werner, Bob Dillemuth, Jimmy Culpepper, Taylor William
Seated: Ziyu Jia, Claire Samaha, Peggy Coates, Teri Rome, Amy Hughes, Pam Sulzer, Diane Geheber, Janet Forbes, Ruth Kovacs


Select pictures from our 2020 Wildflower Seed Planting!

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Janet Forbes, Peggy Coates, Al Delaney, Ziyu Jia, Ruth Kovas, Amy Hughes, Terry Rehn, Chris Werner and Ory MarrioneauxDaniel Cooke, Pam Sulzer, Peggy Coates, Amy Hughes and Al DelaneyJimmy Culpepper, Xiangzhou Xu, Peggy Coates, Ruth Kovacs, Ziyu Jia, and Janet ForbesPeggy Coates discussing planting plans with graduate assistants Xiangzhou Xu, Ziyu Jia and Daniel Cooke

Bob Dillemuth sowing seedsDaniel Cooke covering his meadow quadrant.Colin Nelson sowing seedsTaylor William and Daniel Cooke

Bob Dillemuth making sure seeds are under the tree canopy.Pam Sulzer sowing seeds.Ruth Kovacs sowing seeds.Peggy Coates and Amy Hughes

Peggy Coates distributing specialty seeds to Janet Forbes and Chris Werner.Peggy Coates and Ory MarrioneauxPeggy CoatesJimmy Culpepper, Bob Dillemuth, Peggy Coates, Colin Nelson, Terry Rehn and Ruth Kovacs

Bruce Raff sowing seedsDiane Geheber sowing seeds.Linda Medine behind the cameraClaire Samaha sowing seeds.

Amy Hughes sowing seedsTeri Rome heading out with select seeds for one of the drifts