Phase III Precautions (as of March 3, 2021)

Dear Friends of LSU Hilltop Arboretum:

The LSU Hilltop Arboretum is committed to our community, and we want to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Office and bathrooms remain closed.
  • Grounds open from dawn to dusk, except for groups of 10 or more.
  • For individuals and groups of less than 10, please practice social distancing of 6 feet while on the grounds. Wear a mask if you find yourself closer than 6 feet of someone else.
  • Hodge Podge Nursery is open, Tuesday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm for credit card transactions and checks. Sales details are listed in the right sidebar and are posted in the nursery.
  • All updates concerning COVID-19 and their impact on Hilltop will be posted on our website.
  • Rentals are now being accepted at 50% capacity.
  • Professional photography fee $40/hour, no exceptions. Call the office 225-767-6916 to schedule a session in advance.

During this disruptive and stressful period, we hope the beauty of nature at Hilltop can bring you peace and inspiration. 

Peggy Davis Coates
Director, LSU Hilltop Arboretum


COVID-19 Phase II Hodge Podge Nursery Shopping Directions:

1. Open Tuesday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm.
2. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet while shopping. Wear a mask if you find yourself closer than 6 feet of someone else.
3. Add up the cost of the plants you would like to purchase (prices on white plastic tags), then call the Hilltop office at 225-767-6916.
The Hilltop staff will add 9.95% tax to your purchase, and take a credit card payment over the phone or you may pay with a check made out to: Friends of Hilltop Arboretum.

For additional information call 225-767-6916 or email