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Energy, Coast and Environment Building Achieves "Radiance"

Internationally acclaimed artist James Sanborn has produced an art installation for the terrace of the LSU Energy, Coast and Environment, or ECE, Building’s rotunda.

Radiance was commissioned by a committee of building representatives, LSU community members, state planning and facilities representatives and the architectural firms Post Architecture and Coleman and Associates. Post Architecture was responsible for the design work on the ECE Building, while Coleman and Associates supervised the actual building construction.

After careful consideration and several artist interviews, the committee selected Sanborn to create pieces that reflect the missions of the departments housed within the ECE Building. Bronze circular elements reaching eight feet in height and finished with an aged patina have been placed near the four entry ways. Water-jet cut passages of text in many languages perforate the pieces referencing exploration, the environment, earth science, plate tectonics, oil and early inhabitants.

These perforated text images are lit from an internal lighting source and project onto the façade of the ECE Building and walkways at night, providing a heightened dramatic image that activates the space and its surroundings.

Sanborn is noted for his work with American stone and related materials. He has been commissioned to do artwork for sites at MIT, the CIA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  He is best known for the “Kryptos” sculpture installed at the CIA headquarters, which displays encrypted messages that continue to stump code-breakers.

Radiance was acquired through the state public art bill specifying that one percent of a new state building’s construction budget can be designated for public art. The ECE Building, completed in 2003, was the first new building to fall under this public art bill.

For more information, contact Emma Schneider at 225-578-3381 or eschne5@lsu.edu.


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