Panhellenic Council Recruitment

The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of 14 sororities on campus and plans the formal recruitment process. Twelve of the 14 sororities participate in fall formal recruitment.

Sigma Alpha and Sigma Lambda Gamma conduct their own respective recruitment processes. The Panhellenic Executive Council and the Greek Recruitment Counselors (Gamma Chis) compose the recruitment team. The recruitment team ensures that potential members have a positive experience during the process.

 Panhellenic Recruitment 2019:

Recruitment Registration closed on July 26th @ 4:30pm.


Schedule At-a- Glance 

Day Round Attire
Saturday, 8/17

Parent Convocation 3pm, LSU Union Theatre (Optional)

Potential Member Convocation 5pm, LSU Union Theatre (Required)

Come casual
Sunday, 8/18 Round 1 (Icewater) Day 1 Casual sundress with flats
Monday 8/19 Round 1 (Icewater) Day 2 Casual Sundress with flats
Tuesday, 8/20 Round 2 (Philanthropy) Day 1 Provided PHC shirt with shorts/skirt and flats
Wednesday, 8/21 Round 2 (Philanthropy) Day 2 Provided PHC shirt with shorts/skirt and flats
Thursday, 8/22 Round 3 (Sisterhood) Nice dress, romper, or dressy skirt, top and wedges
Friday, 8/23 Round 4 (Preference) Cocktail length, semi-formal attire, and heels
Saturday, 8/24 Bid Day Shorts and t-shirt, comfortable shoes


Grades are very important. Overall, Greek women have a higher average GPA than the undergraduate women's average GPA.  Most of the sororities require a 3.0 core unit GPA or above from high school.  In some rare instances, exceptions are made. Get more information about Grade Requirements.

Letters of Recommendation

Looking for Letters of Recommendations for Formal Recruitment? Here are websites and email addresses for the National Organizations of each sorority at LSU! If you are having trouble finding Letters of Recommendation from friends, family, teachers, etc., email the national organization, and they will be able to partner you with someone in the area that can write your Letter of Recommendation.


  • For questions regarding the Recruitment process, email Destiny Girouard.
  • For questions regarding the Recruitment registration process, email Anna Wall.

Thanks for your interest in Panhellenic Recruitment at LSU!