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Spring Graduation Workshop (flyer.pdf)

The Graduate School will host this workshop on Friday, January 17 at 1:30 pm in the Design Building, room 103. The Academic Services staff will discuss graduation processes, document formatting, and important graduation deadlines. Please make plans to attend. 


January Dates to Remember
Jan 14 LSU Online- Final date for 90% refund

Jan 15

LSU Online- Last day to drop without receiving a “W”

Jan 17

LSU Online- Final date for 50% refund; Final date to add courses; Final date for Degree Only registration.

Jan 20

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

LSU Online- No-Pay Purge

Jan 21 LSU Online- Final date to submit the Application for Degree to be conferred at the end of the 2D/2020 module; Final date to submit Request for Final Exam for degrees
Jan 22 Final date to drop courses

Jan 23


Final date to add courses, making section changes, & to submit change to pass/fail grading or audit.

Final date for Degree Only resolution of editors' requested corrections to theses & dissertations, and registration. 

All degree requirements must be met: final defense reports, document approval forms requested by the editor, Survey of Earned Doctorates completion certificates, & Declaration of Co-Authors (if applicable).

Final date for departments must submit final defense reports for non-thesis students.

Note: Upload documents at least two (2) weeks prior to this date to ensure approval by the January 23 deadline

Jan 24

Final date to submit Request for Final Defense (comprehensive exam, thesis/dissertation defense) for degrees to be awarded at spring commencement.

Final date for submitting to the Graduate School the Application for Degree for spring commencement

Note: All final defense requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the date of the defense, but no later than Jan 25.


Helpful Reminder- Use Graduate Milestones (found in the Student Services drop-down menu on your MyLSU page) to track the progress of your degree documents. The 'Degree Candidate Check-Out' milestone is completed after all final grades are posted.

Submissions should relate to academic news and events only and be of broad general interest to faculty, staff, and graduate students. Open assistantship postings should be submitted as a remediated PDF. Publication of submissions is at the discretion of the editors and the Graduate School Dean. Please send graduate-level events of interest to by the preceding Thursday at noon.