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2018-2019 Graduate Council Members

The Graduate Council consists of 17 members of the graduate faculty. The Dean of the Graduate School, the Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and the Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Support Services are ex-officio members and attend each meeting. The Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School serves as meeting secretary. Each member serves a five year term, with each term being staggered. Members are appointed by the President from nominations submitted by the Dean of the Graduate School. The Chair and Associate Chair serve a one-year terms. The Associate Chair, who serves as Chair in case of absence, then becomes the Chair of the Council in the subsequent year. 

Associate Chair


Lee Ann Lockridge, J.D. 
LSU Law Center (2020)



 Phillip Adams

Philip W. Adams, Ph.D.
College of Science (2021)
Steve Cai

Steve C. S. Cai, Ph.D.
College of Engineering (2021) 
Donald M. Chance

Donald M. Chance, Ph.D.
E.J. Ourso College of Business (2022) 

 de Queiroz

Marcio de Queiroz, Ph.D.
College of Engineering (2019)

Joseph Francis, Ph.D.
School of Veterinary Medicine (2022)

Paul J. Frick, Ph.D.
College of Humanities & Social Sciences (2021)


Kristin A. Gansle, Ph.D.
College of Human Sciences & Education (2023)


Claudia Husseneder, Ph.D.
College of Agriculture (2022)


Charles Lindau, Ph.D.
College of Coast & Environment (2019)


Jeffrey Perry, Ph.D.
College of Music & Dramatic Arts (2021)

Gabriele Piccoli, Ph.D.
E.J. Ourso College of Business (2022)

John A. Pojman, Ph.D.
College of Science (2020)


François Raffoul Ph.D.

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (2020)


Chad Seifried, Ph.D.
College of Human Sciences & Education (2023)


Bruce Sharky, Ph.D.
College of Art & Design (2022)