Petition for Scholastic Reinstatement After Academic Dismissal

Scholastic reinstatement is a process that allows graduate students who have been academically dismissed from LSU to become eligible for readmission and reenrollment. In order to be considered for reinstatement, you must meet various eligibility criteria.

Scholastic reinstatement is not, however, the same as readmission, and reinstatement does not guarantee readmission. For readmission once reinstatement has been approved, you should follow the application instructions found on our website. There can be situations where you seek reinstatement without also seeking readmission (such as when you are applying to programs at other institutions).

In order for you to be reinstated, your major professor (or delegate), department chair (or delegate), college dean (or delegate), and the Dean of the Graduate School must all approve your petition. If you are unable to attain departmental and/or college-level approval for reinstatement, you may petition for reinstatement and admission to a new program or for admission as a non-degree student.

You will draft a personal statement, which is a one to two-page document briefly describing the grounds for being dropped, why you seek reinstatement, and what steps you have taken (or will take) to ensure you will be successful if reinstated. You should also include brief documentation of pertinent information, such as medical or legal issues. In consultation with your major professor, you should also draft an academic progress plan, which should include anticipated coursework, anticipated grades, and a clear timeline for when your GPA is expected to reach 3.0. 

Your major professor will then write a short statement of support for your reinstatement, affirm the feasibility of your academic progress plan, and fill out the required form. Once all documents and documentation have been collated, your major professor will submit the package to your departmental chair (or delegate). If department-level approval is obtained, the chair will send the package to the appropriate college dean. The college dean (or delegate) will return the packet with a signature or brief email comment if warranted. The chair will then forward the packet to the college’s Program Officer, who will in turn present the packet to the Graduate School Dean for a final decision.

You will be notified of the decision via email by your college’s Program Officer. That decision is final.

(Updated 7/5/2017)