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Graduate Faculty 

The graduate faculty consists of those members of the teaching and research faculties who have been so designated by the Chancellor, upon the recommendation of the Graduate Council acting on appropriate nominations. Such designations provide for classification as Members, Associate Members, or Affiliate Members, according to their qualifications and experience (The term, “Member,” when capitalized, denotes a full member of the graduate faculty). Faculty members who hold the rank of adjunct professor, adjunct associate professor, or adjunct assistant professor in a department offering work for graduate credit are eligible for graduate faculty status as Full Members or Associate Members, depending upon their qualifications.

The authority to appoint members of the graduate faculty is assigned to the Chancellor by the Bylaws and Regulations of the Board of Supervisors and that authority is delegated to the Vice-Provost and Graduate Dean, who appoints individuals to the graduate faculty with the advice of the Graduate Council.

If the department chair and/or the departmental faculty fail to recommend one of their faculty for membership on the graduate faculty, that faculty member has the right to present nomination papers directly to the Graduate Council for its consideration. It is the policy of the Graduate School that only persons appointed to the graduate faculty may teach graduate credit courses and serve on graduate student advisory committees; and normally, only Associate and Full Members may direct theses and dissertations. Only Full Members may participate in the determination of the policies of the Graduate School, according to procedures determined by the graduate faculty.

(Taken from the LSU Faculty Handbook)