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Resources for Currently Enrolled International Students

There are several resources and events available to support international students at LSU. You can read about a few below and also visit LSU International Services for more information. If you have any additional questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact our office.

English Language Orientation Program- LSU ELOP provides training and preparation for international students seeking admission to LSU. 

International Services- International Services (IS) provides immigration advisory services and assistance for the community of non-immigrant students, scholars, and employees that the University sponsors. International Services is the primary office responsible for the University's compliance with US federal Immigration regulations.

There is an International Student Organization to join on campus.

The International Cultural Center promotes international friendship and facilitates greater interaction and understanding between international students at LSU and the greater Baton Rouge community through educational, cultural, and social activities.

The International Hospitality Foundation also fosters community through friendship and intercultural exchange. They also offer a Loan Closet which is a low-cost resource for items such as small appliances, dishes, sheets, and other household supplies for newly arrived international students.

The Office of Multicultural AffairsOffice of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and the Olinde Career Center also offer events and resources relevant to a diverse international student population. 

The International Student Association frequently sponsors events, including International Fusion, an event that celebrates the diversity of LSU's student body. Students can showcase their talents and culture to promote sharing and learning of new cultures. They also host Global Tailgates during football season.

The International Cultural Center offers several events throughout the year, including a Thanksgiving Dinner.

There is also a Holiday Spectacular event which begins in the Student Union with different events such as an LSU Season’s Readings Book Sale, Holiday performances by students, faculty, and the community, and the LSU Christmas tree lighting. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, there is a Pre-Kwanza celebration held by the LSU Clarence L. Barney Jr. African American Cultural Center. There is a “Ceremony Carol of the Bells” concert and the events end with the traditional LSU President’s Late Night Breakfast at the dining halls around campus.

The wider Louisiana community holds multiple festivals throughout the year that allow you to celebrate the diverse populations of our LSU community and throughout Louisiana. New Orleans' annual Greek Fest is a celebration of Greek culture with food, dancing, singing, and shopping.

The Greater Baton Rouge American Italian Association hosts an annual Italian Fest offering shows, food, dancing, Italian 101, and other activities to celebrate Italian heritage.

Global Community Day is an event hosted by the Baton Rouge Capital City Rotary and LSU International Programs to explore cultural exhibits and performances from around the world. Guests can go from booth to booth exploring the countries and cultures that the exhibit has to offer.