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Malcolm Richardson

Message from the Interim Dean

The Graduate School is unique among LSU’s academic colleges: it has no faculty and offers no classes. I almost said we have no students, either, but in fact, we have plenty of students – about 5,000 – since all graduate students “belong” to the Graduate School. Still, these students take their coursework and write their theses or dissertations in their academic departments. But we play a central part in students’ academic careers, from admission through milestone examinations to graduation. Our role is to support our graduate students and assure they get the help they need quickly and courteously.

I am Malcolm Richardson, Interim Dean of the Graduate School, and on behalf of our faculty, staff and current graduate students at LSU, I am pleased to welcome you to LSU, Louisiana’s flagship university and one of America’s premier research universities. We are not only seeing rapid disciplinary and curricular changes in all fields, but we are part of LSU’s expanding role in online graduate education. LSU’s graduate research has made a worldwide impact, and LSU researchers bringing the world’s needs into our seminar rooms and labs. And we put much of our research to work closer to home in Louisiana, from cultural preservation to fixing our famous potholes. At Louisiana State University, we believe the right graduate program will change your work...and your life.

Best wishes,

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Malcolm Richardson
Interim Dean of the Graduate School