In the Spotlight: Onyinye Ihedoro, Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems

Graduate Student Spotlight, January 2018


1. What factors influenced your decision to attend graduate school at LSU?

My decision to attend LSU stemmed from my research interest as well as long-term career goals. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree and a post baccalaureate diploma in Computer Science, it was no surprise that I decided to pursue a master’s degree in the same field. My main objective was to enroll in a university with a decent ranking in the path I chose and a location with suitable living conditions. LSU was the first to reach out with a funding opportunity and I accepted. At the time of acceptance, I was unsure about what moving to Louisiana would offer, however, at this point, it is unarguably one of the best decisions I have made.

Onyinye Ihedoro


2. What is your current involvement with the LSU graduate student community?

I am a graduate school Senator in the Student Government here at LSU. This invariably means I am responsible for advocating for student needs and introducing new initiatives which will impact the lives of students. I represent the best interests of not only graduate students, but students in the LSU Community. I have co-authored bills to rollback healthcare requirements imposed on students. I am also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, which is an honor society which was given to me as a result of leadership roles I have held and am currently holding.


3. Tell us about your primary interests at the Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems.

My main interest is in data science and programming. This helps me put into practice the experience I have gotten from working in the industry and the knowledge gained from the Computer Science and Analytics master's programs. I have a passion for delving into business needs, creating models which would help make future predictions to maximize revenues while reducing operational costs in organizations, and transforming these findings into software applications which meet the needs of the end users.


4. Please tell us about your current internship or work program, and how it contributes to your experience as a graduate student.

I just received my master’s degree in Computer Science and I intend on completing my Masters of Science in Analytics in May 2018. The perfect blend of both fields have exposed me to a plethora of opportunities which exist in the industry with regards to business models and database management. I have learned so much in the Analytics program in less than one year, and I intend on using the knowledge imparted to the job opportunity I have received.


5. What is a cause you are passionate about in higher education and graduate education? 

I am passionate about STEM awareness, especially in underrepresented groups. For the longest time, I was the only African female in my department, and this shows that there needs to be more awareness about the possibilities of a long term fulfilling career in any STEM field. During my time at LSU, I have taken part in volunteering activities in high schools, advocating for this cause.

My exposure to STEM related programs have had a huge impact on my choice of career, and I will encourage students who are undecided about what career path to follow to consider pursuing a career in these fields.