Steps to Success

Image: Boots on the Ground Graphic Representation

A deliberate plan for success has been put into place to select the best tool for the business of the University community. As part of this process, we are:

  • Meeting individually with 37 identified stakeholder groups. During these visits, wish lists for reports, integrations and further requirements have been shared with the Project Team. Those items are being gathered in a spreadsheet, and the team is in the process of mapping them to the existing requirements to determine whether or not they're already covered. Note: You will need a PAWS ID and login to view this file.
  • Hosting requirement gathering sessions with specially identified stakeholder groups (Associate & Assistant Deans, college counselors, undergraduate & graduate advisors, recruiters and administrative coordinators)
  • Holding scenario meetings for the campus community to evaluate the Workday Student tool for the thin thread student life cycle and configurability for more complex workflows.

After these meetings have been held, a final Feasibility & Fit report will be delivered to IT Governance for their consideration. IT Governance will hold their Go or No Go vote on December 12, 2017. Their recommendation will be given to the Provost and Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO, and they will use this to make their final decision on the Workday Student Project. If the decision is GO, we will enter the implementation phase of the Student System Modernization Project. If the decision is a No Go, we will be putting out an RFP based on the information collected this fall.

View our detailed project plan. Note: You will need a PAWS ID and login to view this file.

Learn More About Workday

To help provide more information about the Workday Student product, there are data sheets available on the public Workday website for each are of the student system.