Geaux Forward Bulletin, Issue 9

Issue 9: October 13, 2017

Current Work & Accomplishments 

  • Thirty-seven informational and requirements gathering sessions have been scheduled and will be ongoing through October.
  • Further Brown Bag Lunch and Learns have been scheduled. The extended video showing Workday Student functionality is 3 hours long and has been split into two 1½ hour portions. Part One will be shown October 30 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. with Part Two following on October 31 at the same time. Both sessions will be held in Frey 206/207. A WebEx offering is also available at the same time. To RSVP or to request WebEx information, visit To date, 42 people have attended the first 2 video showings: 17 from Academic Colleges, International Programs and Student Life, 25 from Payroll, Bursar, Accounting, Payables, ITS and University Audit.
  • Feedback gathering sessions for Undergraduate Advisors, Graduate Advisors, Administrative Coordinators, as well as a follow up session for Associate & Assistant Deans and undergraduate counselors, have been scheduled throughout the month of November.
  • The Project Team also continues to prepare for campus demonstrations of LSU-specific scenarios.
  • The project website has been updated to include the feedback being received by the Project Team during the informational meetings. The team is in the process of mapping these items to the existing requirements and noting what is already covered there. Note: You will need a PAWS ID and login to view this file.

Upcoming Work & Milestones

  • Identify and engage stakeholders in requirements gathering/vetting process.
  • Reviewing 715 starter requirements to Workday functionality. We've received requirement feedback and further wish lists from nine different units, and are continuing to solicit requirement feedback.
  • Continue to work with and through IT Governance for review/approval of strategic project goals and objectives.