Geaux Forward Bulletin, Issue 6

Issue 6: September 22, 2017

Current Work & Accomplishments 

  • Thirty-two informational and requirements gathering sessions have been scheduled and will be ongoing through the months of September and October. Further units are being identified and will be contacted for a visit within the next week. Over the week of September 18, the Project Team met with Institutional Research, the Manship School of Mass Communication, Office of Student Success and Center for Academic Success, the College of Science, the College of the Coast & Environment, International Programs, International Services and Academic Programs Abroad.
  • Two requirements gathering sessions were held on September 21 for Associate and Assistant Deans and undergraduate counselors. Follow up sessions with this group will be scheduled in the next week.
  • A demo video has been posted on the Workday website covering Workday Student. We encourage those interested in seeing this system to watch it.
  • The Project Team visited LSUE on September 22nd to discuss their Academic Foundation, Admissions and Recruiting requirements.
  • Steps to Success and project plan added to website.

Upcoming Work & Milestones

  • Requirements gathering sessions will be scheduled for undergraduate and graduate advisors and departmental administrators.
  • Lunch and Learns will be scheduled to provide an opportunity to watch a video of a demonstration of Workday Student to the Project Team.
  • Workday is visiting next week to go through the scenarios with the Project Team in preparation for presenting them to the campus community.
  • Informational Meetings are being scheduled. Please encourage impacted staff to attend.
  • Identify and engage stakeholders in requirements gathering/vetting process.
  • Reviewing 715 starter requirements to Workday functionality
  • Continue to work with and through IT Governance for review/approval of strategic project goals and objectives.
  • The project website updates continue. Coming soon: the feedback being received by the Project Team during the informational meetings.