Geaux Forward Bulletin, Issue 23

Issue 23: February 16, 2018

Current Work & Accomplishments 

  • Members of the Project Team have held data conversion conversations with all campuses.
  • A list of initial reports and integrations from each campus has been gathered.
  • Members of the Project Team participated in a Workday Student Users Group call on Wednesday, February 14.
  • Robert Doolos conducted a thorough review of the various types of transcripts produced by all the campuses for a composit chart of transcript data elements.

Upcoming Work & Milestones

  • The team is finalizing assumptions and exclusions for the Statement of Work document with Workday. 
  • Business Process Mapping with LSUE continues.
  • Tom Glenn will be presenting at IT Governance on February 20, providing an update on the Geaux Forward project. 
  • Discussion on the Student System modernization program elements continues.