Geaux Forward Bulletin, Issue 17

Issue 17: December 15, 2017

Current Work & Accomplishments 

  • We are pleased to announce that the IT Governance Council recommended that LSU move forward with the implementation of Workday Student. This recommendation was finalized by the CFO, Dan Layzell, and the Provost, Dr. Richard Koubek, on Wednesday, December 13. We will begin planning activities and start scheduling for the Project Kickoff in early 2018. We will be sending out an email to Deans, Directors and Department Heads later today and would like to share a draft of that with you. 

    Thank you for all of your feedback throughout the course of the Feasibility and Fit portion of the project. We look forward to working with you as we Geaux Forward with the modernization of the LSU student systems!

    The Geaux Forward Team: Tom Glenn, Cindy Hadden, Robert Doolos, ME Hart, Byron Honore, Julie Rose, Emmett Brown, Amy Marix, Elahe Russell, Beth Nettles, Monica Esnault, Clay Benton, Robin Ethridge, Stephen Heyward, Susan Flanagin