Geaux Forward Bulletin, Issue 15

Issue 15: December 1, 2017

Current Work & Accomplishments 

  • This week, the Project Team had feedback gathering sessions with departmental administrators and recruiters. There were 62 attendees across the 6 sessions this week. This fall, we've held 16 feedback sessions with 141 total attendees representing Associate and Assistant Deans, counselors, undergraduate and graduate advisors, college recruiters, and departmental administrators. We'd like to thank everyone involved for their participation!
  • An Associate & Assistant Dean’s meeting was held on December 1. Robert Doolos and Robin Ethridge presented on Workday Students and Reports, and Robert and Tom Glenn provided an update on the Workday Student Recommendation Status.
  • The Geaux Forward team had an all-day meeting with Workday on November 30 to discuss the status of future functionality that LSU considers to be critical because it is either high volume or high profile. LSU indicated its priority to Workday for the development work.

Upcoming Work & Milestones

  • The Project Team is continuing to prepare for the December 12 Go/No Go vote on Workday Student by the IT Governance Council. A preview of the components to be included on the scorecard can be viewed