Inclusive Approach

To achieve the goal of modernizing the student systems at LSU and ensure that the University faculty and staff contribute to the final product, the Geaux Forward Project Team will strive to keep lines of communication open and incorporate a level of transparency throughout the entire process. Throughout the implementation phase, the team will seek input from staff members through formal meetings and focus groups. Open communication and sharing of ideas will yield a functional student system that benefits the entire University and help LSU Geaux Forward.

IT Governance Council

The IT Governance Council is made up of representives from across campus. The involvement of the IT Governance Council, and the Geaux Forward Working Group, in high level project decision making is critical to the success of the Geaux Forward Project. 

Geaux Forward Working Group

In order to ensure that appropriate mechanisms are in place to meet the needs of the LSU community, IT Governance created the Geaux Forward Working Group to assist the IT Governance Council by making recommendations regarding key issues, including policy and project objectives, cross-institutional and cross-functional concerns, organizational change management, and resource allocation for the Geaux Forward Project.

LSU A&M Associate and Assistant Deans Meetings

The Project Team will be meeting with the Associate and Assistant Deans monthly for project updates.

Business Process Mapping - Current State Analysis

Transforming Solutions Inc. (TSI) consultants and Geaux Forward Project team members worked with campus stakeholders on Business Process Mapping activities to map current business processes. The maps were reviewed to address the requirements identified by the stakeholders in Fall 2017. Future State sessions will take place to plan for the implementation of Workday Student.

  • 164 Current State & Analysis Business Process Mapping meetings (2 hours per meeting) total at the four campuses.
  • 328 total hours of contact with stakeholders across the four campuses
  • 343 Current State Business Process Maps (LSUA=49, LSU A&M=183, LSUE=29, LSUS=82)

Day in the Life Sessions

In order to expand our discussions with campus stakeholders beyond software needs and evaluate how the software will fit into people's jobs, Day in the Life sessions were held at LSU A&M, LSUE, LSUS and LSUA.  The goal of these sessions was to cover questions related to interaction with student administration software, student business processes, frequency of these activities and the flow of work across campuses. Notes were taken during all sessions to document security-based role needs and implementation concerns and questions.

LSU A&M Notes

LSUE Notes

LSUA Notes

LSUS Notes