Baton Rouge Survey: March-April, 2008

Baton Rouge Survey: March-April, 2008
(Entries are percentages)
Hello, my name is [FIRST NAME ONLY], and Iím a student at Louisiana State University, here in Baton Rouge.Iím participating in a survey as part of a class project in sociology...Iím not selling anything.For this survey, Iíd like to speak with the person in your household who had the last birthday and who is 18 or older.May I speak to this person?
Iíd like to ask you some questions about issues that people have been talking about in Baton Rouge, like jobs, family, safety, and other things.We are conducting this survey for our classwork and for academic research.Of course, any answers you give are completely confidential, and you are free to refuse to answer any question or to end the interview at any time.††
If the husband in a family wants children, but the wife decides that she does not want any children, is it all right for the wife to refuse to have children?
Yes 69
No 26
Total 100
And if the wife in a family wants children, but the husband decides that he does not want any children, is it all right for the husband to refuse to have children?
Yes 65
No 30
Total 100
How much confidence do you have in the ability of the U.S. government to respond to natural disasters: a great deal, a fair amount, not very much, or none at all?
A Great Deal 9
A Fair Amount 52
Not Very Much 31
None at All 8
Total 100
Do you think the federal government should continue to provide housing for all people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina, or is this no longer the responsibility of the federal government?
Should Continue to Provide 36
No Longer Federal Responsibility 59
Unsure 5
Total 100
Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
It's a good idea for a couple who intend to get married to live together first.
Strongly Agree 14
Agree 29
Neither Agree nor Disagree 9
Disagree 31
Strongly Disagree 17
Donít Know
Total 100
The U.S. would be a better country if religion had less influence.
Strongly Agree 7
Agree 17
Neither Agree nor Disagree 5
Disagree 50
Strongly Disagree 21
Donít Know 1
NA 0
Total 100
When the experience of a racial or ethnic minority group is taught in high school or college, it should be taught by a teacher from that group.
Strongly Agree 8
Agree 27
Neither Agree nor Disagree 14
Disagree 45
Strongly Disagree 5
Donít Know 1
Total 100
Generally speaking, would you say that you personally care a good deal who wins the presidential election this fall, or don't you care very much who wins?
Don't Care 16
Care a Good Deal 82
Don't Know 2
Total 100
If your party nominated Ö [go down list] for President, would you vote for him if he were qualified for the job?  
African-American Woman Latino or Hispanic Asian-American Gay or Lesbian Catholic Jew Muslim
Yes 94 90 88 90 63 92 86 57
No 4 8 8 6 32 4 10 36
Don't Know/No Answer 2 3 4 5 6 4 5 7
Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Does a candidateís religious beliefs affect your decision to support the candidate?
Yes, Definitely 25
Probably 19
Probably Not 28
Definitely Not 28
DK, NA 1
Total 100
At the present time, do you think religion as a whole is increasing its influence on American life or losing its influence?
Increasing Influence 21
Losing Influence 70
Same (VOL) 5
No Opinion [Skip next question] 3
Total 100
[If answered:] All in all, do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Good thing 14
Bad thing 70
Both/Neither/Depends (VOL) 12
Donít know/Refused 1
Total 100
At the present time, do you think religion as a whole is increasing its influence on government leaders and institutions such as the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court, or losing its influence?
Increasing influence 22
Losing influence 63
Same (VOL) 8
No Opinion [Skip next question] 7
Total 100
[If answered:] All in all, do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Good thing 18
Bad thing 65
Both/Neither/Depends (VOL) 9
Donít know/Refused 1
Total 100
How would you rate the state of race relations in the United States these days? Would you say they are excellent, good, only fair, or poor?
Excellent 2
Good 26
Only fair 54
Poor 16
Unsure 2
Total 100
How serious a problem do you think racial discrimination against blacks is where you live: a very serious problem, a somewhat serious problem, not too serious, or not at all serious?
Very Serious 9
Somewhat Serious 32
Not Too Serious 43
Not at All Serious 14
Unsure 1
Total 100
Some religious and business groups have set up programs to encourage Black people to buy houses in white suburbs. Do you Favor or oppose these voluntary programs to integrate white suburbs?
Favor 59
Oppose 27
DK/NA 15
Total 100
Which of the following best represents your views about abortion? The choice on abortion should be left up to the woman and her doctor. Abortion should be legal only in cases in which pregnancy results from rape or incest or when the life of the woman is at risk. OR, Abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.
Woman and Doctor 38
Rape, Incest, Life of Woman 37
Always Illegal 23
Unsure 1
Total 100
As you may know, under the current military policy, no one in the military is asked whether or not they are homosexual.But if they reveal that they are homosexual and they engage in homosexual activity, they will be discharged from the military.Do you personally think -- gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military, gays should be allowed to serve under the current policy, or gays should not be allowed to serve in the military under any circumstances?
Serve openly 48
Serve under current policy 33
Not serve under any circumstances 16
No opinion 4
Total 100
In general, would you say that people should obey the law without exception, or are there exceptional occasions on which people should follow their consciences even if it means breaking the law?
Always Obey Law 42
Follow Conscience 47  
Can't Choose 10
NA 2
Total 100
Is there any area right around here - that is, within a mile - where you would be afraid to walk alone at night?
Yes 49
No 50
Donít Know 1
Total 100
Do you Favor or oppose the death penalty for persons convicted of murder?
Favor 63
Oppose 30
Don't Know/No Answer 7
Total 100
Do you Favor or oppose the death penalty for -- ? How about for -- [INSERT NEXT ITEM]?
Women The Mentally Ill The Mentally Retarded Juveniles
Favor 59 19 13 21
Oppose 31 66 74 67
No opinion 10 14 14 12
Total 100 100 100 100
Have rumors about crime and social unrest in Baton Rouge since Hurricane Katrina made you feel more concerned about your own safety?
Yes 60
No 39
Don't Know 1
No answer 1
Total 100
How did the events of and immediately following Hurricane Katrina, especially the trends in violent crime, affect your views on the private ownership of firearms for the purpose of self defense?[Read categories]  
Already kept a gun for self-defense purposes; or if not: 41
Purchased a gun after the storm 3
Considered purchasing a gun 7
No change 42
Less likely to keep a gun for self defense 6
Don't Know 1
Total 100
Next Iíd like to ask you a couple questions about television and newspapers.How many days in the past week did you read a daily newspaper?
0 22
1 8
2 13
3 12
4 4
5 7
6 1
7 33
Don't Know/No Answer 0
Total 100
How many hours per day do you spend watching TV (television) on an average weekday, that is Monday through Friday?
0 4
1 13
2 24
3 20
4 17
5 7
6 3
7 1  
8 5
9 0
10 2
11 0
12 3
Don't Know/No Answer 1
Total 100
Now I just have a few questions about your household and your background.
First, may I ask, In what year were you born?[Recoded to age]
18-30 24
31-45 26
46-60 31
61 and Over 18
Missing 2
Total 100
[IF UNSURE ASK]: Are you male or female?
Male 45
Female 55
Do you consider yourself to be Ö Are you Hispanic or Latino?[Answers combined]
White (non-Hisp) 53
Black (non-Hisp) 40
Asian 1
Hispanic 1
Missing or Other 5  
Total 100
Are your currently married, living with a partner, separated, divorced, widowed, or have you never been married?
Married 52
Living With Partner 4
Separated 3
Divorced 12
Widowed 9
Single, Never Married 20  
Don't Know/No Answer 1
Total 100
Do you have children?How many?
None 23
One 18
Two 27
Three 18
Four or More 13
Don't Know/No Answer 1
Total 100
What is the highest grade of schooling that you have completed?
8Th Grade or Less 1
Some Hs 4
Hs Diploma 21
Vocational/Technical 5
Some College 26
College Degree 26
Some Graduate School 2
Graduate Degree 15
Don't Know/No Answer 0
Total 100
What is your religious preference?Is it Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, some other religion, or no religion?
Protestant 54
Catholic 28
Other 8
None 10
Don't Know/No Answer 1
Total 100
Are you a member of a local church, synagogue, or other religious or spiritual community?
Yes 71
No 18
Don't Know/No Answer 11
Total 100
Not including weddings and funerals, how often do you attend religious services?
Every Week or More Often 42
Almost Every Week 13
Once or Twice A Month 19
A Few Times A Year 11
Less Often Than That 14
Don't Know/No Answer 1
Total 100
Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or what?Would you call yourself a strong (Republican/Democrat) or not a very strong (Republican/Democrat)?Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican or Democratic Party?[Answers combined]
Strong Democrat 23
Democrat 20
Lean Democratic 11
Independent 5
Lean Republican 9
Republican 11
  Strong Republican 16
Other 1
None 5
Total 100
Who did you vote for in the 2004 Presidential election?
Bush 41
Kerry 31
Someone Else 3
Don't Know/No Answer 26
Total 100
Thinking ahead to the next presidential election, if the 2008 general election were held today and the candidates were [see below] and [see below], for whom would you vote?
Vote for McCain vs Clinton in 2008
McCain 37
Clinton 48
Other 6
Unsure 10
Total 100
Vote for McCain vs. Obama in 2008
McCain 39
Obama 47
Other 1
Unsure 13
Total 100
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Kip Holden is handling his job as Mayor of Baton Rouge?
Approve 74
Disapprove 15
Unsure 11
Total 100
Do you think Kip Holden should be re-elected Mayor of Baton Rouge?
Yes 72
No 11
Don't know 17
Total 100
We hear a lot of talk these days about liberals and conservatives.Would you call yourself -
Extremely Liberal 2
Liberal 12
Slightly Liberal 6
Moderate, Middle of the Road 28
Slightly Conservative 18
Conservative 20
Extremely Conservative 6
Don't Know/No Answer 8
Total 100
Just one more question: Iím going to read you a series of income categories.Please stop me when I get to the category that includes the total income that you and all other members of your household earned before taxes during 2006, from all sources.
Under $15,000 7
Under $25,000 7
Under $35,000 13
Under $50,000 17
Under $75,000 12
Under $100,000 11
More Than $100,000 20
Don't Know/No Answer 13
Total 100
This concludes the interview.Thank you for participating in this survey and giving so generously of your time.
Note.Data collected by students in Sociology 2211 ("Sociological Methods"), Louisiana State University, March-April 2008.Data are based on a random-digit-dialed telephone sample, representative of the general population age 18 and over in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area, to reflect the combined age-gender-race/hispanic distributions, according to the U.S. Census estimates for 2006.