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Arts & Culture

LSU fosters creativity in art, architecture, design, music, dance, theatre, literature, and film that enriches and preserves our state’s culture to ensure that future generations may contribute to and experience its vibrancy and traditions.


LSU Alumnus Brandon Surtain: the Athlete and the Artist

Take a peek into LSU College of Art and Design graduate Brandon Surtain’s art studio. The former LSU Football player says painting is his meditation, and New Orleans his muse.



LSU Student Researching Cajun English

After completing two years at LSUE, senior Lauren Vidrine transferred to LSU to study linguistics and research Cajun English. As a member of #LSU19, she received her degree on December 19th, 2019 from LSU's College of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS).


Louisiana Culture

With its roots in both French and Spanish heritage, and a strong influence from the Acadians, known today as Cajuns, the state has a colorful history and a flair all its own. The language, the food, the music and the varying backgrounds of its people create a fascinating melting pot of cultures that cannot be experienced elsewhere. LSU is located in the heart of Louisiana’s capital, and New Orleans and Cajun Country are just an hour’s drive from campus.




In the Field

Associate Professor Michael Pasquier is the editor of Gods of the Mississippi, a collection of essays on the history of religion in the Mississippi Valley, and coproducer of the documentary Water Like Stone, which chronicles a Louisiana fishing village facing environmental and economic decay.





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