Mission & Vision


To support the University’s vision, mission and goals by providing all campus entities with quality facilities combined with cost effective and responsive construction, custodial, design, maintenance and utility services.



To provide the students, faculty and staff with safe, habitable, aesthetically pleasing and accessible classrooms, offices and laboratories in well maintained buildings, surrounded by landscaped grounds and roadways that combined, provide the atmosphere for undergraduates, graduates, researchers, faculty and staff to achieve their highest ambitions in intellectual and personal development, desired achievements in research, dissemination of learning and administering the operational and maintenance needs of the University.


About the Executive Director

The Executive Director manages the Office of Facility Services which is responsible for maintaining 12.7 million square feet in 539 buildings located on 1,200 acres. The Executive Director is responsible for: 

  • Facility & Utility Operations
  • Planning, Design, & Construction
  • Facility Resources
  • Golf Course
  • Finance & Accounting

The Executive Director is the chief facilities officer and has the overall responsibility for all campus planning, construction, maintenance, utilities and related services, including golf facility operation. 

Tony Lombardo, P.E.
Executive Director – Facilities
P  225.578.5603
M 225.806.1010
E  lombardo@lsu.edu


Emily Smith
Administrative Program Specialist B
P  225.578.5455
M 225.235.2707
E  smithe@lsu.edu