Discovery: Expand discovery through transformative research and creative activities addressing contemporary and enduring issues that shape the way we live in the world.

    • Increase nationally-recognized research and creative activities.
    • Expand interdisciplinary solutions to significant social, environmental, economic, cultural, and educational problems.
    • Increase partnerships with industry to develop intellectual property and foster commercial applications.

Learning: Enhance a faculty-led and student-centered learning environment that develops engaged citizens and enlightened leaders.

    • Increase the number of students with strong skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, and effective communication.
    • Produce greater numbers of students who become intellectual and civic leaders.
    • Broaden faculty, staff, and student engagement in a rich intellectual and creative campus culture.

Diversity: Strengthen the intellectual environment by broadening the cultural diversity of the LSU community.

    • Increase diversity among faculty, staff, and students.
    • Increase the number of students who work with or live in diverse communities.
    • Expand supportive communities for minority, international, and first generation students.

Engagement: Promote engagement of faculty, staff, and students in the transformation of communities.

    • Increase collaboration with state and local leaders.
    • Enhance our commitment to involvement in economic, social, and cultural activities.
    • Extend the influence of scholarly expertise to benefit our state, region, and the globe.

As we convert aspirations into material accomplishments, LSU will evaluate its progress by extracting lessons from implementation and by calibrating achievements comparatively.  That comparative model will apply both longitudinally—in studies of the university over time—and latitudinally in rankings among our peers.