LSU Flagship Agenda 2010

Since its beginnings in 1860, LSU's history has been a story of growth and transformation. As the flagship institution for the state, LSU has long been recognized for a rich intellectual environment and distinctive educational programs that are rooted in the unique culture, history, and geography of Louisiana.

The National Flagship Agenda is a seven-year plan to bring LSU to a new level of excellence. It focuses on action steps that increase research and scholarly productivity and the quality and competitiveness of our graduate and undergraduate students. The outcomes are designed to place LSU in a position to compete on all levels with the finest public universities in the country. As a national flagship institution, LSU will advance knowledge and intellectual inquiry by promoting groundbreaking research; produce enlightened citizens by fostering critical thinking, ethical reflection, historical understanding, and cultural appreciation; enhance Louisiana by converting scientific and technological discoveries into new products and processes, by preparing an informed and creative labor force, and by applying university resources to solve economic, environmental, and educational challenges.

Building a truly competitive national flagship university requires a commitment of time, effort, and resources from our faculty, staff, students, the state and federal governments, and private donors. LSU needs faculty and supporting staffs comparable to its peers; start-up funds for establishing research centers and programs; competitive undergraduate scholarships and graduate student stipends; new and renovated space for research laboratories; student housing; and faculty offices, incentives, rewards, and increased support budgets that promote and sustain faculty and student productivity.

The Agenda recognizes that, as a public institution, LSU must be accountable and accessible, always demonstrating that it has used its resources wisely and efficiently. Shared governance is a fundamental principle: we must work as a team, with full respect for dialogue and due process.