Recruit Academy

Recruit Academy

Candidate Package

The recruit academy packet contains all Academy information pertaining to sponsored or non-sponsored/out of state students. The Candidate package, including the 2 page physical examination release to participate form, must be submitted to FETI no later than two weeks prior to the Academy start date, or one week prior to the orientation day.


Registration Process:

Registration form, candidate package, and payment information are required for Recruit registration. Since the candidate package is not due until two weeks prior to the Academy start date, spots in the class can be reserved by submitting the registration form and payment information at any time; the candidate package can be submitted later. The candidate package is a 17 page document that contains all of the Academy information. Several pages must be signed by the recruit and the sponsored Fire Chief if applicable. Click here to download the candidate package. Registration form can be found by clicking here: Registration

Please Note:
Reading and passing written examinations is an essential element of many of the FETI programs. Requests for accommodations for disabilities will be considered on a case by case basis once adequate contemporary documentation of the disability and of the need for the specific accommodations requested have been provided. Accommodations which would alter essential elements of a particular program will not be granted.


Refund Policy:

Before the first day of class, the Center-Based Municipal program incurs several expenses for the preparation of the coming recruit academy. Once the recruits arrive, we issue shirts and books, provide meals and lodging, and perform a medical exam to make sure they are fit for duty.  Based on these costs, we are establishing a refund schedule for any recruit leaving our academy before the end of the fourteen weeks.

Day 5 by 4:30 PM 50% of total cost paid
Day 10 by 4:30 PM 25% of total cost paid
Day 15 by 4:30 PM 10% of total cost paid
Day 16 Refund no longer available

In the instance that a recruit is either dismissed by the Academy or their department, or chooses to not participate within two weeks prior to the first day of the current Recruit Academy class, a 75% refund of total cost paid will be given. This includes, but is not limited to, the dismissal of a recruit for not meeting the physical and/or medical requirements measured on Orientation day.